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A big virtual hug and thank you to everyone who’s recently followed me, and those who have put up with my erratic posts! 💛👍

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I’ve just been reading through the hashtags Women Against Feminism and I Don’t Need Feminism and I’m pretty outraged and upset at how people view a particular opinion.
I understand that many women believe they are feminist because they have the wrong idea about the concept, we are not man-hating bitch sluts who criticise anti/non-feminists. I respect the fact that you don’t have to feel or think the same way as us, however it is hypocritical to have a go about shoving our opinions down your throats, when you do the same to us.
Oh and Rape Culture is ‘a thing’ .

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Women in America are so oppressed


Women can:

Own property
Walk in public without a man
Wear whatever they want
Own a business
Hold office
Get an education
Become doctors
Go into space
Be scientists

But omg someone called you a slut (which don’t exist) and suddenly you need feminism. 

You make it sound like a ‘privilege’ that women are ‘allowed’ to walk on they’re own. People have a hideous misconception of feminism. Talk to ‘em before you judge ‘em.

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my most recent new hive collection is about the loss of some very important files and how i’m feeling about it…

click here to watch it move

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send me have you ever’s and i’ll reply with yes or no


Only yes or no

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if someone gave this to me i would die

Fall in love**

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